Guidance and Support

We will closely manage your academic achievement providing guidance and support throughout your two years with us, helping you to achieve your best.

You will receive assertive mentoring and one-to-one tutor meetings to help ensure that you fulfil your potential in all areas, allowing you to go on and be successful in further education or in employment. Your performance will be measured regularly against individual targets that will be set for you.

The one-to-one- tutor sessions are intended to guide your learning, design revision plans, identify ways to enhance your skills and help you make the transition into further education.

Our dedicated and experienced team will help you through difficult situations, offering expert guidance and support. They will help you find the right university, review your options for the future and eventually find suitable employment.

Help with University choice

As part of our pledge to fully prepare you for the future we will provide access to a wide range of university open days and events. These will range from the Russell Group of universities to more local universities and higher learning establishments.
We also arrange an annual trip to the HE fair providing you with a range of information about a large number of different options for your future.

Guidance and support


Pastoral care.

Our pastoral care is second to none – you will form an integral part of the Sixth Form community, have opportunities to lead others and share your life experiences.

Looking after your wellbeing while you learn is vital. You will have a dedicated tutor and pastoral leader who will be available to offer day-to-day advice, guide you towards the right support and help you compose personal statements and your curriculum vitae for university and employment.

There will be opportunities for you to meet and talk with your tutor every day. We are always here to guide you through the good and more challenging aspects of becoming an independent Level 3 student.