The Shared Learning Trust Sixth Form – another year of great results!

The Shared Learning Trust Sixth Form celebrate great results.

We are thrilled to see our Sixth Form celebrate great results.  Outcomes at The Chalk Hills Academy and The Stockwood Park Academy were really positive with The Stockwood Park Academy outcomes in line with the top 53% of schools and colleges in England and vocational courses at The Chalk Hills Academy were in the top 27% of schools and colleges in England.


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We’re really proud of our student’s achievements and congratulate everyone involved for such impressive outcomes.

The excellent teaching and tutoring of our sixth form staff provides a learning environment where our students can be high achievers and these results prove that.


A World Class Education

At The Shared Learning Trust Sixth Form we hold a pivotal position in delivering a world class education for students within our local community. We offer a full range of truly specialist course options and are committed to excellence.

Our extensive range of courses, including A Level and BTEC at level 2 and 3, are delivered across two Academies offering flexibility and outstanding facilities.

Our students are supported, monitored and encouraged to pursue their aspirations and we offer a wide range of enrichment activities and extra curriculum initiatives.


10 Reasons to study with us!

  1. Excellent results
  2. A thriving student community
  3. State of the art buildings and resources
  4. The best teaching, leading to outstanding progress and outcomes
  5. Excellent pastoral care
  6. Extensive enrichment programmes
  7. Personalised independent advice and guidance
  8. We can help you develop your talent
  9. Broad, balanced curriculum
  10. Great locations


Many of our students have told us that their years spent at The Shared Learning Trust are some of the most rewarding of their lives both socially and academically.


Strive, Achieve, Believe!

For further information and details on how to join in on our success, please visit or call our friendly team on: 01582 601221.